Internet of Things - Community Center
Inaugural program of IoT Center at Alumni Association

On 16th November 2019 an Inaugural program for "IoT Community Center" was organized under the aegis of Department of Computer Science, Gujarat Vidyapith and Gujarat Vidyapith Computer Science Alumni Association supported by INNOVA Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.

There were more than 100 members attended the session including students, faculty members, Head and Dean of the different department of the Gujarat Vidyapith, Alumni members and industry members. The program was started by offering the prayer to the divine almighty.

The Internet of Things or "IoT" extends the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things, processes and environments. Those "connected" things are used to collect information, send information back, or both.

IoT provides businesses and people better insight into and control over the 99 percent of objects and environments that remain beyond the reach of the internet. IoT allows businesses and people to be more connected to the world around them and to do more meaningful, higher-level work.

In the beginning, visionary and eminent vice-chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith Dr. Anamikbhai Shah had discussed about science & technology, contribution of Bhabha Automic center in agriculture, indigenous technology development, Employability, humanitarian approach of Gandhian thought from bottom to top for inclusive growth and view point on ICT & IoT.

The next expert talk was supported by Dr. S P Bhatnagar. He had highlighted various concepts like sensor, device, data handling, connectivity, LORA and cloud with reference to IoT. He has also shown and explained various tools used in IoT applications. He also clarified the concept "SMART" with various examples.

He explored the IoT in Rural Space with its potential application and suggested the research areas like agriculture, animal care, water management, railway crossing, healthcare, education and many more.

Shree Kamaleshkumar Salunke, Asst. Professor- Dept. of computer science had developed the IoT based projects on mobile / Bluetooth controlled robotic arm, live weather station, home automation, RFID based access control and smart light.

Students of MCA Semester – V had also developed Animal Health Monitoring device under the guidance of Dr. Ajaybhai Parikh.

Green Field Control System Private Limited and its subsidiary Smart Home had also extended their help in setting up of laboratory infrastructure and devices.

Department of Computer Science has set up IoT laboratory with following infrastructure:

  • Boards - Raspberry Pie, Arduino , Banana Pi

  • Sensors Kit

  • Smart home – Hub and Access Point

  • Electronics and Electric devices and components

Hon. I/C Registrar Dr. Bharatbhai Joshi, Ex. Vice Chancellor Shree Sudarshanbhai Iyengar and Ex. Registrar Shree Rajendrabhai Khimani had also extended their best wishes for the event.

Overall, the session was a great success and appreciated by all. It delivered full of Information and vision of IoT in the IT as well as non IT field.

Internet of Things - Community Center
16 November, 2019
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