Gujarat Vidyapith - Online Meeting
First ever online meeting of working committee and Abroad students

Thank you for joining us!

Dear Friends,

We hope that you and your family are safe in the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I would like to thank you, Dr. Anamik Shah, Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith, to attend the meeting and taking care of us, it was a great opportunity for all of us to connect to you personally and have a thoughtful discussion on the education system, we understand the value of education system, we have at Gujarat Vidyapith.

The Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith, Dr. Anamik Shah has asked us to send the feedback or suggestions for MCA full time course or syllabus, please send us the earliest at

I want to thank my alumni friends for catching the time to attend an online meeting and introduce yourself. It was an immeasurable moment for all of us to see everyone after such a long time.

We really enjoyed meeting, each one of you has an inspiring story starting from struggle to getting settled down yourself at a very good position in different countries around the world, good to know that you are still well connected even though you live thousands of miles from the hometown land. Being a part of the vidyapith family, the down to earth attitude and willingness to help is motivating for the coming generation.

I also would like to thank the faculty members and working committee to be present in the meeting who really took care of us, we always need your motivation and support toward all the activities of the alumni association. 

Our IT committee is in a process to update the website and member portal of our association, I would like you to please spare a few minutes to fill your personal, professional and contact information in the survey, so we can update the same in the member portal.

The IT team will start updating information and setting up portal accounts as soon as they receive information from you. You should receive an instruction email to activate your portal account soon, on the portal you can get latest news and information about the upcoming events, search your batch mates, colleagues in the same company as you, and many other pieces of information.

Beside the meeting considering the current situation in India, the association would like to contribute some amount to the PM Cares Fund, as you are aware the association is also supporting needy students of computer science, with your generous donations since many years. We appreciate and thank you all for your kindness & faithful help to the needy.

Thank you to everyone who has put their efforts into arranging and been a part of this online meeting. I hope we will be able to arrange such a meeting in future too.

Stay connected, stay at home and stay safe.

Thank you,

Mantavya Gajjar

Gujarat Vidyapith - Online Meeting
25 April, 2020
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